Tektronix  4051

I had first used the Tektronix 4051 in 1978 while working with a company that was manufacturing memory and a 9 track tape system for the 4051.  I had managed to save some software, documentation, and diagnostic hardware for the 4051 but I didn’t have a 4051 until I found one a few years ago.   It was not functional when I received it but I was able to restore to full operation.   It had a shorted capacitor on the analog board that was blowing a fuse in the power supply.   It also damaged a transistor in the power supply (In electronics repair there is an adage that says “there is always a transistor that protects the fuse”).     I have added photos below of the circuit boards and the system in operation.  


I'm trying to start a 4051 / 4052 software archive.   I have some tape listings here.   If you have something to contribute please send me a copy at:


4051;  Docs:   ROMS

I also have several peripherals for the 405x series computers:

4924 Tape drive system;   DOCS:      ROMS  {manuals available, pending scan}

4907 File Manager (8" floppy drive system) ;  Docs:  ROMS

 4631 Hard Copy   

4662 Plotter  ROMS   {manuals available, pending scan}

4663 Plotter  ROMS  {manuals available, pending scan}

Full system with peripherials...

Note: some documentation provided is from bitsavers.org, and additional materials may be found there.


Memory board.    We were manufacturing a “clone” of this board at the company I work for in ’78.   I still have a few of the bare boards and some of the RAM.  I filled the empty sockets to get the full 48k.



Back side of RAM board.




Main board 



 RAM board mounted on main board



Analog control board



Tape Drive board



Power Supply




Cover removed



System in operation



Back of unit, ROM pack, backpack.